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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Typography is a fun way to present texts,
it attracts audience till it is fast enough,
it's like taking audience for a ride,
Typography must capture the audience attantion,
and surprise them sufficiently,
they should have a wow,
in your ride

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Racing 3D animation

This week we will talk about racing created in 3D,

Racing is thrilling,
it's an emotion for audiance to watch a race,
emotions becomes better and better when competetion
is tough, with a good entertaining music to support the magic,

following one car with camera and thrilling motion blurs in between gives a lot of fun,
following fast, moving car the thrill,

small different perfect angles are great,
the blur in the background,
the pace of the vehicle,
all need to be joined,
following the car,
or showing it's thrilling speed,
it's a show,
mixing 3D, and after effect elements,
a great mix.

reflections of the new car,
in 3D

darkness reflections on floor,
with effects of After effects,

tint your scene

Good music fast,
which suits the race,
fake false race

sometimes car going out of focus then again in focus creates
curiosity and attraction, it's good


Focussing on very fast moving car is not so easy,
it's great,
different phases of racing can be created

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Inspiring motion Graphics

Friday, March 18, 2011

making films!

A lot of peoples want to be known as good film maker,
no-one makes movie with desire or aim in mind to make a great flop film,

who so ever enters the field
wish to make a great movie,
a super hit, never before.

ok now we break down things,
why people loves some movies and rejects the same great labour of others,
even greatly financed
high budget movie goes flop,
what is it that makes successful movie?
ok again back to breaking things down,
peoples always do things with purpose,
without purpose,
people hardly gives a dollar
to some one,
First of all keep finding
why people like to go,
for a movie,
leaving apart other things
people can choose to do many work,
why they choose to watch a movie,
Again every one want to watch movie based on his mood,
he want change?
motivational boost?
a thrill?
what so ever,
there is a decision behind watching a movie,
before going for a movie
the person decides what to watch, comedy? Thriller? Suspense? Action?
the choice of people changes, with days,
if one day he wants to
watch a comedy,
then the next day he may
decide for other taste
Ok we will continue the break down,
but for a while i will ask
you to master, or specialize
in atleast one field, field which may we call comedy,
thrill, adventure, (it is a type of emotion we can say)
master it,
learn through previous movies,

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

After effects tips

After Effects tips

changing the speeds,
of your elements,

A nice but attractive BG color or image (simple can work too)

giving properties to letters,
as if letters are lighter than air,
or falling free from sky


we can very fastly  create worlds in After effects,
just all elements need to be in 3d layers,
separated at distances,
this gives us the illusion of reality.


to and fro motion as we suggest in animations,
goes well here,


donot stop,

keep taking peoples
from one thing to other,
captivating them,


an image moving in 3d looks Good too,
it's all combination of animations,
where variations with surprises adds to the appeal,


elements which are beautiful,
and animated
like loading bars,
which itself has an impact
on audience will be taken
happily by the audience,


After effects through zoom in and out,
can take audience to the whole world,
and to small streets,
to even micro levels of what the
audience is viewing,


there is cut angles,
(cut from one scene to other)
but in after effects we can have the whole story
through one continuous camera,
moving layers etc,

this continuation
shot with a lot of things going on,
(with zoom in outs)
can have good impact on audience

characters can be created in after effects,
through the mask,
which can be then animated to
produce good animations


clarity attracts,
as a new car attracts
more than old,

clear pictures as if
hdtv clarity attracts


a bell which is ringing


follow more on
Free education from

know your audience 2

know your audience 2

it's a story.,

characters should not believe in the first instance
what is not real,
very strong reasons to believe,



thousands of facts can be introduced,
then a reality,
what the audience saw is reality...


what your movie gives in return,
fear, or confidence...


audience when goes into a movie,
comes out as someone else,
may be for a moment,

they were into a virtual reality,


perfect lighting,
same emotions,
a lot of detail,


temporarily, nut one changes,
what changes depends a lot on what
previous thoughts are,


even if a movie is made in thousands
of years in the future,
but emotions, reasons,
and as much from present
only can best be applied there,


a lot of inteligence and
leadership is accepted well
even if an audience is not a leader,
virtual characterstics for small amount of time.


audience see from someones perspective,
the whole movie,

many a times may be from other perspective too...

a lot lot lo and a lot can be taught in this way,


all sciences can be used for something like a game,


our body need a why,


a ship came alive,
a wierd thing to convince
but u can proove it,

convincing is difficult but
through prooving is not,


if someone becomes a tiger,
it's wierd but when they see becoming,


it's not just about entertainment,
it's prooving,
it's for reality....



strange thimgs,

hell is just a word,


things come and go...


believe systems are at hand when you
create movie,
different believes,
to reach their heart


audience should get,
a positive energy,
leave with a smile on their face,
and experience great journey..


a journey you have taken them to,,,

all the best

Thursday, January 20, 2011

More animation tips-7

character may fall after unable to balance out of
heavy object,


sometimes character is alone,
camera is over character only
following him only,
full responsibility of entertainment
does comes from character
and it's interaction with the world,


character relaxes after coming out of
a dangerous scene,
life comes back,

a situation which only can be experienced
only by the person who comes from it,
but remember audience came out from it
so they will experience it through you,


Amazing feeling to be alive,
at last,
experiencing the world
the world through all senses,
and enjoying the world,
what so ever it may be
it's the most beautiful now,
even if not before,

more on

More animation tips-6

Taking decision,
eyes moves during taking decisions,

character may look here or there,


if character is past decision maker,
he will look at a place,
or two,
and sudden happy mood,(problem solved)

and may move towards
his taken decisions,


More animation tips-5

Unknown things,

For unknown things,
which character will not know,

character will use it's senses to know
about the object, thing whatever,

eyes, smell (animals), touch,
more the age more the caution,
when old it may create fear,

child would do it fast,


responses from touch, smell,
coming close what ever,


Stretching of characters
when ever it pulls heavy things,
or very heavy, or impossibly to move...

More animation tips-4


you may have herd some peoples tells
every story exaggerated,
they add things to it,

which does makes even boring things,
extremely interesting to hear,

but what is to be added is very important,


Exaggerating jumps, walks, movements,
exaggeration that increases the script,
adding your own things, adding your stuffs,

through exaggeration, make it interesting,
what so ever scene can be made great,


Responses from fear,
what does character do,
out of fear, runs away, or hides,


Lazy characters

Lazy characters:
some characters which do mores very slowly,
eyes can be shown half open, to show they are
sleepy, very lazy,
 whole body (even in 3D) still,

moves only oftens,

it can also work on fatty characters,
more on

More animation tips-3

Animating a children is very funny,
when done well it makes the scene great,

children are always filled with great energy,
they are examples of extreme happiness touch would, (God keep this up)

that enormous energy makes many people to watch their actions,
(many are very funny) even in real world,


See what things do attract your attention in real world,
they can be used well in reel world.,

more on,

More animation tips-2

More animation tips-2

all body parts will out move at same time,


eyes then mind, decisions, then action,


something if in air we can move it slowly up and down, it makes things well,


sometimes self thoughts can be very funny too..

Wonderful thrilling Scenes

Wonderful thrilling scenes,
there comes a scene when something dangerous(not dangerous to life-but very slightly dangerous) is
behind a character,
coming slowly (character not knowing working on his task,)

this makes a good combination,
character slowly experts something behind,
slowly sees and looks back,

and runs aways very quickly,


if done well this scene always works well

More animation tips

The characters must be happy, or in some mood,
these comes out in form of poses and actions of characters,

whenever happy the character will have a lot increased energy level,
and will do work fast, thus less spacings,

Anticipations, follow through etc.. helps greatly,
to increase the actions what ever,

surprises does have a lot of anticipations,

any action if has anticipations will increase the impact of action,
and helps viewer to understand the action, and get entertainment.

remember the thing,

eyes sees and mind then responds, or could lead to further,

the sequence if followed with animation principles,
does well...

old peoples gets vision decreased sometimes,
or hearing, thus the responses or from mind will decrease...

children goes sees and are unknown of a lot of things,
thus their responses accordingly,

they most of the time are curious even on harmful things,


again there are some exciting things,

few things makes person happy even before doing things,
like a hungry person becomes happy even at sight of food,


boys becomes happy on seeing girls,


in these scenes: the eyes remain fixed on the target,
as it is pleasant to see,


People avoid pains,
and goes towards pleasure,


different responses to different situations,


more at,,

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

know your audience

know your audience

when audience watches a movie
he see himself over there,
the speed and the detail in the scene,
helps man to achieve the believability...


through movies we can chage thoughts,
can make people to believe and love,
what's not possible practically,
but accepts and enoys it,

harry potter, aliens, still debated,
but taken well by



Excitement, Fear, thrill, humor, suspense,
etc... does used and utilized perfectly to
captivate and entertain audience

something new,
so that full can be hurd,


there must be leadership,
and great qualities of hero

different rave,
who the audience,


A concept which is not only
new but interesting,


if there is no fun,
there must be stong emotions....


Fear which makes the person

special effects to increase the reality,
and presentation of the movie...


actings are also very important,
it should be real,

sets, lights,

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


change of speed does produces Good results,
it surprises the visitors,

a character still,
suddenly takes a pose,


it adds to the animation,
sudden movements takes audience with surprise


what you are animating is very important,
it must be as they are in real world,
but animated,
some properties of characters can be
changed, some doesn't
it depends what can meke fun,


character looks and thinks,
he do everything after thinking,


he thinks of your own


weights of the persons,
gravity attracts things,


if character hits comething,
how powerful is character,
what is the weight of what is
being pushed thrown,

animation tips

Important Points
=>Expressions of the character is very important.
=>Must be funny,
=> (some ideas may look simple to you)
but they too are great for audience..
=> Message to deliver

=> Must have something different an expressions or something innovative of the project (punches)

=> Creative ways to say things (connecting things)

=> Add humor to what you wish to say,
like if you fear something having a dress of armory to your character
illustrates how fearful he is and do adds a humor too.

=> what  is the wait of something,
is it heavier or lighter than air, can create fun into the animation.

=> Motion attracts audience eyes

=> How things moves can be very interesting if it is with letters

=> small movements (nothing should be still)
don't bore audience with still objects...

=> the gravity need to be considered sometimes,

=> modifying the properties of objects,

Good animations

Tips for Good animations:
There are a lot of things which need to be taken into consideration while animating,
in 3d animation things should keep moving,
like a leg,
if no idea or anything to and fro motion also looks Good,

what's important is that things should not stop,
people should not stop,

principles of Animations to helps a lot,
read them and when you learns to apply them
in your animations with practice you will see an added
appeal to your animation (appeal in itself is a principle of animation)

for example if someone sitting on a tree, (human)
he can have any part of body moving while he is doing his work,

for example if he is seeing something if for say he is in jungle over a
tree he can have his hanging leg,
moving to and fro,
this also shows his mood,
this also shows he is happy,
and likes what he is doing,

Anticipations do helps a lot,
if you puts anticipations in your animations,
it will look better,

before going back,
turns front small amount,

what ever the character is doing if he keeps
on doing anticipation over the whole of the
animation he will look a lot good

Expressions as usual as a sign of what is going on,
the script does a lot of work and has to,

and what one can enhance through this animations,
is through appropriate expressions for scenes,
body language,
of fear, of suspense,


what we know is whole of the scipt,
but when you animate,
you have to go deep into the character,

forget everything and be in the scene,

because for you may know that
a character will then see a particular thing in the scene,

what it will be,

you know the script,
but character doesn't
character is living
and you have to live with him,
give expressions that comes naturally,

and you will see the more actor you will become,
the more your characters will get,

the character will see something for the first time,
what his reactions will be will depend on,
what he see,
is it fear full ( require a fearful pose)
is he surprised and going to see what it is (he saw it for the first time in life)
is it something which makes him to run away from the scene as a fight or flight
natural response of the body,

some characters may prepare to fight,
some may prepare to flight,

all depends on the script and character


Many a times character enjoys the life he is in,
as almost all of us likes the life we are in,
or do not,

if the character enjoys the life he is in,
=> The character is in a life whether he enjoys it or not?
the circumstances,
make things real,
=> Never take animation for just animation,
it's a life over there,
=> you are not animating,
you are making your character live,
and respond in your own acting sense,

get the actor out of yourself,
be an actor everyday,
half an hour per day will help you a lot,


if you cannot
do it in your life,
practicing in the morning
for a while will be Good,

act like what you love to be
like spiderman?
harry potter?
your brother?
your boss?
your teacher?

what ever may interest you,
someday you may like to record it,
when you keeps becoming better at your own things,

For Learning more,
Log on to

Friday, January 7, 2011

3D Animation

3D Animation,
an attractive field, taking the pictures in your mind into reality,
playing with the imaginations in your mind and making the world happier
with others appreciating your work.

This is the world of 3D Animation,
but as the music needs practice in the same way,
3D animation do takes times,
the art to express feelings,

taking peoples away from
the sorrows of the reality,
giving them self confidence,

that when they goes back to their real world,
(out of your animated world where people love to
stay for a moment,) they be filled with
confidence, motivation,
and changed personality, as if hypnotized,
or meditated for years,

3D Animation has a lot more...
it spreads smiles,
can fill children's with strong values,
which they will follow when they takes
the responsibilities of not only their
family but also those of society, nation, and even the world,

Motivating them to be heroes of the new century,
as Spiderman, He-Man, SuperMan,
inspired millions to do, and be what they are today,
you knowingly or unknowingly influencing the world,
through entering their world, and even to their heart,

As the movie 300 Inspired many to stand for what
they think is right, even when they are fully grown up,

3D Animation, and being 3D Animator is not only,
a career, a journey, and entertainment,
but also a responsibility,

Responsibility for nurturing the souls,
of coming Generations to which millions
will hear to while taking final choices,
which may impact the whole world,

So, why not through the art
teach them how to make this
world great place to live,

So that Survival of fittest,
theory changes in this human world to
Life for all.

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Want to make 3D movie or project => mail us
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Thursday, January 6, 2011

CG4u Projects projects

Tuesday, January 4, 2011