Thursday, May 26, 2011

Racing 3D animation

This week we will talk about racing created in 3D,

Racing is thrilling,
it's an emotion for audiance to watch a race,
emotions becomes better and better when competetion
is tough, with a good entertaining music to support the magic,

following one car with camera and thrilling motion blurs in between gives a lot of fun,
following fast, moving car the thrill,

small different perfect angles are great,
the blur in the background,
the pace of the vehicle,
all need to be joined,
following the car,
or showing it's thrilling speed,
it's a show,
mixing 3D, and after effect elements,
a great mix.

reflections of the new car,
in 3D

darkness reflections on floor,
with effects of After effects,

tint your scene

Good music fast,
which suits the race,
fake false race

sometimes car going out of focus then again in focus creates
curiosity and attraction, it's good


Focussing on very fast moving car is not so easy,
it's great,
different phases of racing can be created


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