Tuesday, January 18, 2011

know your audience

know your audience

when audience watches a movie
he see himself over there,
the speed and the detail in the scene,
helps man to achieve the believability...


through movies we can chage thoughts,
can make people to believe and love,
what's not possible practically,
but accepts and enoys it,

harry potter, aliens, still debated,
but taken well by



Excitement, Fear, thrill, humor, suspense,
etc... does used and utilized perfectly to
captivate and entertain audience

something new,
so that full can be hurd,


there must be leadership,
and great qualities of hero

different rave,
who the audience,


A concept which is not only
new but interesting,


if there is no fun,
there must be stong emotions....


Fear which makes the person

special effects to increase the reality,
and presentation of the movie...


actings are also very important,
it should be real,

sets, lights,


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