Thursday, January 20, 2011

More animation tips

The characters must be happy, or in some mood,
these comes out in form of poses and actions of characters,

whenever happy the character will have a lot increased energy level,
and will do work fast, thus less spacings,

Anticipations, follow through etc.. helps greatly,
to increase the actions what ever,

surprises does have a lot of anticipations,

any action if has anticipations will increase the impact of action,
and helps viewer to understand the action, and get entertainment.

remember the thing,

eyes sees and mind then responds, or could lead to further,

the sequence if followed with animation principles,
does well...

old peoples gets vision decreased sometimes,
or hearing, thus the responses or from mind will decrease...

children goes sees and are unknown of a lot of things,
thus their responses accordingly,

they most of the time are curious even on harmful things,


again there are some exciting things,

few things makes person happy even before doing things,
like a hungry person becomes happy even at sight of food,


boys becomes happy on seeing girls,


in these scenes: the eyes remain fixed on the target,
as it is pleasant to see,


People avoid pains,
and goes towards pleasure,


different responses to different situations,


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