Wednesday, January 12, 2011

animation tips

Important Points

=>Expressions of the character is very important.
=>Must be funny,
=> (some ideas may look simple to you)
but they too are great for audience..
=> Message to deliver

=> Must have something different an expressions or something innovative of the project (punches)

=> Creative ways to say things (connecting things)

=> Add humor to what you wish to say,
like if you fear something having a dress of armory to your character
illustrates how fearful he is and do adds a humor too.

=> what  is the wait of something,
is it heavier or lighter than air, can create fun into the animation.

=> Motion attracts audience eyes

=> How things moves can be very interesting if it is with letters

=> small movements (nothing should be still)
don't bore audience with still objects...

=> the gravity need to be considered sometimes,

=> modifying the properties of objects,


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