Friday, January 7, 2011

3D Animation

3D Animation,
an attractive field, taking the pictures in your mind into reality,
playing with the imaginations in your mind and making the world happier
with others appreciating your work.

This is the world of 3D Animation,
but as the music needs practice in the same way,
3D animation do takes times,
the art to express feelings,

taking peoples away from
the sorrows of the reality,
giving them self confidence,

that when they goes back to their real world,
(out of your animated world where people love to
stay for a moment,) they be filled with
confidence, motivation,
and changed personality, as if hypnotized,
or meditated for years,

3D Animation has a lot more...
it spreads smiles,
can fill children's with strong values,
which they will follow when they takes
the responsibilities of not only their
family but also those of society, nation, and even the world,

Motivating them to be heroes of the new century,
as Spiderman, He-Man, SuperMan,
inspired millions to do, and be what they are today,
you knowingly or unknowingly influencing the world,
through entering their world, and even to their heart,

As the movie 300 Inspired many to stand for what
they think is right, even when they are fully grown up,

3D Animation, and being 3D Animator is not only,
a career, a journey, and entertainment,
but also a responsibility,

Responsibility for nurturing the souls,
of coming Generations to which millions
will hear to while taking final choices,
which may impact the whole world,

So, why not through the art
teach them how to make this
world great place to live,

So that Survival of fittest,
theory changes in this human world to
Life for all.

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